About Jeff

I am a progressive Democrat running for the 167th Legislative District and I am interested in one primary goal: leading Pennsylvania forward. The legislature in Harrisburg is regressive or status quo. We have yet to address minimum wage. Healthcare remains wildly insufficient and increasingly expensive. Public school funding is an afterthought. Women’s rights are under attack. Not to mention, Pennsylvania has one of the most regressive income tax policies in the country. I want to fight for a progressive future that includes a move toward single-payer healthcare, increasing the minimum wage and expanding public school funding. When it comes to the future of PA and our country, we are all in it together.


Pennsylvania just found itself in a $1.5 billion budget shortfall. This costs everyone and is simply unacceptable. I will fight for common sense solutions to help balance the PA Budget.

Our state has one of the most regressive income tax policies in the country. I will fight for progressive tax policies in PA to ensure the wealthiest among us pay their fair share.

We all want the best for our kids and the children in our community. I will fight for expansion of early childhood education, after school programs and support for educators that help shape our future.

I believe healthcare is a human right. I will fight for a single-payer healthcare system that is inclusive and lowers medical expenses in Pennsylvania.

No government has the right to legislate over a woman’s body. Period.  I will fight to prevent legislation like SB3 from ever getting to a vote in our legislature. 

Every person, no matter gender, sexual preference, ethnicity, religion, etc… is equal in my eyes. I will fight for equality every day.

Why are we saddling our next generation with billions and billions of dollars of college debt? Your first experience entering the professional workforce should not be at the expense of years of debt payments.  I will fight for tuition-free public colleges and universities.

I believe PA should build upon its decision to legalize marijuana for medicinal purposes and move toward full legalization. This change will help raise much-needed revenue for the Commonwealth and alleviate our justice system the burden of incarcerating minor, non-violent offenders.

Fracking violates the PA State Constitution, Article I, Section 27.  I am in favor of a ban on fracking and fighting for a 100% renewable future as quickly as possible.  Until we ban fracking, hazardous pipelines will continue to snake through our townships, neighborhoods, schools and parks.